Growing Old With Me

Is it a sadness then that was meant to be,
or a sadness felt for only this temporary moment
that is too focused on despair?

Will this pass into history
or become a greater part of the story
that is seemingly becoming?

If but for a thought of possibility,
of rest and relief,
of blessing and love,
of fullness and purpose,
the answers might make themselves apparent.

For by tendency or trials
this world is drawing itself tired
and growing old with me.

Mystery of When

The fog hangs in the cool night air like a faint reminder
of all that could have been
Had he found himself in time.

The glow of the moon echoes atop the hills
in hope that somehow, someday He will be.

The dampness clings to lungs that want to scream,
but only manage a sigh for the helplessness that weighs on his heart
and steals his breath.

Tonight is but another mystery of when.

Another Perspective of Paradise

Stranded in this paradise,
Blinded by miles of white sand,
Surrounded by desperate blue sky
and stale tropical bounty.

Suffering beneath the weight of the golden sun,
Drowning in the lush green,
Shadowed by the gargantuan palms
and temperate canopy.

When will I be free of this perfect desire realized?

The Door

Solid wood, stained, streaked with age,
Heavy with mystery and dark foreboding,
Concentric patterns drawing me in,
I wonder what's on the other side
and decide to knock.

The Traffic of a Million Questions

Time again I seek the solace of silence
attempting to overcome
the crowded avenues of this mind,
jammed constantly with the traffic of a million questions.

Inspired by "Red Boots"

Red Boots
Originally uploaded by Krista Long

Drowning in perspectives
Swallowing autumn
My reflection lies among the fallen

Come September

come september
Originally uploaded by Lero !!

Autumn creek days passing by,
Foliage waiting for her to reveal her bare essence,
Needing her innocence to touch,
To break the surface of such nostalgic beauty,
Of simplicity,
Of breathing,
Flowing downstream to the next encounter.

Picture Perfect

Originally uploaded by juliusfrumble

She looked back at me in shades of grey,
her dirty blonde shadows of light,
her skin casting a dull warmth,
and spoke in the black and white anger of goodbye...
I was suddenly frozen in the moment of my reaction
and the realization that our picture perfect never was.

Inspired by "Pittsburgh Tilt Shift"

Pittsburgh Tilt Shift
Originally uploaded by Write Outside

Real life as miniature
Blurred through
The lense of our own interpretation

Inspired by "Alcoa Building - North Shore - Pittsburgh"

Alcoa Building - North Shore - Pittsburgh
Originally uploaded by Marc_714

Man melding beauty
With God's inspiration
Becoming one

Inspired by "Pittsburgh, Through the 40th Street Bridge"

Pittsburgh, Through the 40th Street Bridge
Originally uploaded by Matt Niemi

The truest beauty
Frames itself
In any light becoming